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Dear Sir and Madam!

Allow us to appeal your interest in our commercial and industrial park, which you can find in Csepreg, 25 km from Szombathely and near to the Austrian border (35 km for from the Austrian A3 motorway)

Now we have a 12 hectare field, the system of infrastructural investments is planning and with 12 hectare possible to enlarge.

We look for foreign and inland enterprises in commercial, industrial and services that help us to develop our economy.

The property prices are cheaper, the labour is lower then in West-Europe.

Csepreg and area bellows geographical to the west of Hungary, in northern west of Vas County, near to the border of Győr-Moson-Sopron County, near to the 84 and 86 (E 65) ways.
In 2007 begin the construction of M9 motorway, whose trace goes near to us.
The economy of the area is represented in big and small metalworking factories and two pet food factories.
Bigger industrial companies and multinational companies are represented in Sárvár (Flextronics) and Szombathely (Epcos, LUK, and Jabil Circuit).

An important role in our area plays the tourism and the medical tourism, which bellows to Bük, where is a thermal spring. The thermal bath "Bükfürdő" is a very important medical tourism center of the Country. His visitor ring is the highest in foreign visitors.
In our neigh boar hood it is possible to play golf, to ride a horse and etc.

Our little town Csepreg got 10 years ago her rang back, 750 years ago it was a little field town. Agrarian economy is typical for our area.

We hope, that you find our offer than attractive and your investment plan could be realized by us.

Best Regards
Iris Horváth

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