Under construction.

Gross total area (including roads, etc.) 12 hectares
Net total area 10 hectares
Expandability of total area 24 hectares
Sold area 0 hectares
Contracted area 0 hectares
Available area 10 hectares
Largest plot in one piece 3,5 hectares
Minimum area to purchase 0,3 hectares
Built-in ratio 50%
Minimum green area 20%
Maximum building height 10 metres

Road network in park
Max. load

In construction
0,9 km
6 metres
40 tonnes
Former utilisation (agricultural / industrial / etc) agricultural
Flood danger No
Earthquake danger No
Soil pollution No
Water contamination No
Forest on property No
High voltage lines over property No
Ground inclination 0%
Brownfield option available No
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